About us

At our academy, you will find everything you need to master a profession that allows you to fulfill your dreams and engage in what you truly love. If you have been working in the beauty industry but have not yet found your calling, this is the opportunity to explore new horizons. If you are looking to work in the beauty industry for the first time, you are in the right place! Our school is an international academy where you can study the curriculum in multiple languages and from various locations around the world! You can participate in both practical and theoretical training entirely online, familiarize yourself with the most professional products, and learn from the most skilled instructors doctors and aestheticians! Our goal is to provide the best education to every student and impart knowledge that can be applied anywhere in the world.

Why us?


  • Professional training: We train top practitioners all over the world!
  • Safe techniques: We train the latest injections techniques in the aesthetic industry!
  • Support: 7 days a week support from professionals!
  • Level confirmation: We provide with e-certificate by International Aesthetics Academy for every training video!
  • Convenience: Our worldwide training videos have more than 5 subtitle languages available!